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Hojicha Powder | 1kg

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Hojicha Powder

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YUGEN's original roasted tea powder made by carefully selecting high-quality first-class tea leaves and turning them into roasted tea using a stone mortar.

Normally, Hojicha is a Japanese tea that enjoys the aroma by roasting friendly tea such as bancha, but at YUGEN, we lightly roast high-quality first-class tea to create a highly fragrant finish so that you can enjoy the aroma and umami of the tea leaves.

In order to bring out the goodness of the high-quality tea leaves to the fullest, by roasting them slightly lighter than usual, you can enjoy not only the fragrant roasted aroma but also the original goodness of the tea leaves.

Also, just like matcha, we use a stone mortar to grind it into powder little by little, which prevents excessive heat generation and maximizes the aroma and umami of the tea leaves. By using a stone mill, the size of the grains is finer and more uniform, resulting in a smooth and fine hojicha.

Hojicha latte, of course, goes well with Japanese and Western sweets.

Hojicha Powder | 1kg
Hojicha Powder | 1kg Sale price$61.00