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This is our original stone-ground roasted tea powder, created by the voices of our regular customers.

Normally, hojicha is a Japanese tea that you can enjoy the aroma of roasted bancha, which is easy to get along with. The roasting is shallower than usual, and we are particular about the temperature and time.

In addition, it is specially milled in the same stone mill as the matcha powder over a long period of time (at a rate of 40g/h) to prevent excess heat from being generated and to maximize the aroma and umami of the tea leaves. increase. By using a stone mill, the size of the grains is finer and more uniform, resulting in a smooth and finely textured hojicha.

It is used in various shops such as Japanese confectionery, Western confectionery, baked confectionery, as well as hojicha latte that we offer at our store.
It is also an excellent ingredient when you want to add richness and aroma to your dishes.

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