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Japanese traditions close at hand

Japanese tea store in Kyoto opened in 2018.

 "A place where anyone can stop by and enjoy delicious Japanese tea."

YUGEN was created to realize a place where everyone can enjoy Japanese tea, from tea lovers to those who have never been exposed to Japanese tea before. We carefully select and handle only high quality Japanese teas by visiting production areas in various regions, with a focus on Uji tea in Kyoto. We sell and wholesale delicious Japanese tea all over the world, and in our store we serve carefully selected Japanese tea and sweet treats to go with it.

「Through Japanese tea, we contribute to a kinder, gentler world.」

Matcha has a long history, dating back to the Warring States period. The existence of the tea house provided a precious time to rest and enjoy the seasons and art in uncertain times. yugen's Japanese tea has wonderful taste and benefits, but our most important thought is that time is still needed in today's society.

 Character and clarity of tea leaves

We sell our sencha as single origin. The industry has been blended and enjoyed until now, but we want our customers to enjoy not only the origin and quality, but also the transparency and individual character that each one has to offer.

Toward the Future of Japanese Tea

Our goal is to continue and further improve the quality and taste of high quality Japanese tea, and to share the appeal of tea with people all over the world. Your smiles are not only ours but also our farmers' joy. We will continue to move forward, sharing happy Japanese tea encounters.