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We are a Japanese tea specialty store that opened in 2018 with the concept of "bringing Japanese tradition closer to you." We sell carefully selected Japanese tea from all over Japan, mainly Kyoto and Uji tea. In the space of a more than 100-year-old townhouse designed with the image of a modern tea room, you can enjoy not only traditional styles, but also special blended matcha and sencha, which are single-origin so that you can enjoy the difference in tea leaves. You can enjoy lattes, hojicha lattes, and Japanese tea drinks that change with the seasons in a stand format that you can feel close to.

About Japanese tea

With the popularization of PET bottled beverages, the consumption of Japanese tea is on the rise due to the demand for cheap and convenient products. On the other hand, the consumption of high-quality tea leaves that farmers put their hearts into is declining. I'm here. In light of this situation, YUGEN was established to revitalize the Japanese tea industry.

Japanese tea is very familiar, but the threshold is high for full-fledged tea, and there is no place where you can enjoy it casually.

``A modern place where everyone can stop by and enjoy high-quality Japanese tea''

YUGEN was born with the thought that if this can be realized, people who like tea and those who have never touched Japanese tea can enjoy Japanese tea.

In addition, the Japanese tea we handle is purchased directly from farmers without going through middlemen, so we are able to offer high quality at reasonable prices.

In addition, sencha is offered as a single origin, and even with the same variety, the taste and aroma will change depending on the year of harvest. We would like you to enjoy not only the difference but also the character of each tea leaf variety.

To the future of Japanese tea

We would like to deliver Japanese tea not only to Japan but to the world through YUGEN. The smiles that everyone says that Japanese tea is delicious and fun will be a smile not only for us, but also for the farmers. We will continue to walk forward while sharing the happiness of meeting Japanese tea with everyone.

Let's take a look at the deep world of Japanese tea that we still don't know about.

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