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Gyokuro UJIHIKARI | Kyoto Wazuka

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Sweetness (Umami): ★★★★ Astringency: ★ Color: ★★★★

Ujihikari Single Origin Tea Leaves from Wazuka Town, Kyoto Prefecture

Gyokuro is made from Ujihikari, a Kyoto variety that is also cultivated as the finest tencha. This cultivar is characterized by its elegant flavor and dark green color. Heating is applied in the finishing process to bring out the gorgeous aroma and rich flavor. The expression changes greatly depending on the extraction temperature.

"Kyoto Wazuka"
For 800 years, Wazuka-cho, Kyoto is an area that has maintained traditions, cultivated tea plantations, and consistently produced high-quality tea. The temperature difference between day and night is large and fog tends to occur, which helps block direct sunlight on the tea leaves, making it suitable for growing high-quality, sweet tea leaves.

For about 20 days before harvest, the tea fields are covered and tea is cultivated. The period of covering is longer than kabuse sencha, concentrating the umami. Normally, it contains a lot of sweetness and umami by suppressing the astringency component "catechin" produced by exposure to direct sunlight and producing "theanine" with a strong sweetness.
At our store, we carefully select tea leaves that are carefully grown by hand by tea farmers.
You can feel the deep sweetness and umami of the tea leaves that are carefully covered and grown.

Features and Benefits of Gyokuro

Gyokuro is cultivated under a cover for about 3 weeks before harvesting, making it a type of Japanese tea with a thick, creamy flavor that suppresses astringency and condenses umami.
By covering, the leaves try to increase chlorophyll in an attempt to make photosynthesis more efficient, resulting in a dark green brown.
If you enjoy it cold or at a low temperature such as 50 degrees or less, you can enjoy a very rich flavor with less off-flavours. Also, please enjoy the difference in expression by increasing the temperature after the second brew.

Benefits of Gyokuro Gyokuro contains not only the catechins found in tea, but also the amino acid "theanine" and vitamin C.

Gyokuro UJIHIKARI | Kyoto Wazuka
Gyokuro UJIHIKARI | Kyoto Wazuka Sale price$18.00