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Katakuchi matcha bowl

Sale price¥6,930

It will be a YUGEN original Katakuchi matcha bowl.

We asked a pottery artist in Mashiko, Tochigi Prefecture to make each piece by hand from scratch.

At our shop, we make matcha every day, so we have tried many things, such as ease of use, simple yet elegant design, materials and functionality, size and shape that can be used all the time. I made mistakes repeatedly.

・The size and shape make it easy for people with small hands to hold (approximately 12.5 cm in diameter)

・Katakuchi with good drainage

・Designed with a curved bottom to make matcha easier to stand

・Adjustment of the texture of the surface of the tea whisk to prevent damage

・The height and curve make it difficult to rebound even when making matcha vigorously

・Amount of glaze

And so on, it is a gem packed with a lot of attention.

Since it is all made by hand, each one has a unique expression in the world, and it is a matcha bowl that makes you feel warm and relieved.

It can be used not only as a tool for making matcha, which is offered at YUGEN stores, but also as a container for various purposes.

*Since everything is made by hand, the size of each piece may have an error in millimeters, and the expression of the vessel may be slightly different.

Volume: about 380ml
Diameter: Approximately 12.5cm (13.5cm to one mouth)
Height: about 7cm

Katakuchi matcha bowl
Katakuchi matcha bowl Sale price¥6,930