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Tembone Hojicha (100g) | Kyoto Uji

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Kyoto Uji | Tenbon Hoji (100g)

Color of tea water Left: 1st brew Right: 2nd brew

"Tembone Hojicha" is made by roasting the stalks of the finest hand-picked tencha grown in Uji. For this reason, it is a very rare hojicha that not only has the fragrant aroma of roasted tea, but also the umami and sweetness of tencha, which is the raw material of matcha.
Enjoy a special hojicha that you can't taste anywhere else.
It is highly recommended to enjoy it as a cold tea.

Raw material for matcha.
The tea leaves are cultivated in almost the same way as gyokuro. For about 20 days before harvest, the entire tea plantation is covered to block direct sunlight. The cultivation method suppresses catechins and produces theanine, a flavor component. After the tea leaves are harvested, they are steamed and dried without being kneaded to become tencha.

Tembone Hojicha (100g) | Kyoto Uji
Tembone Hojicha (100g) | Kyoto Uji Sale price¥1,241