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JINSUI 'TOKI' / Tokoname Artisan Teapot

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In the world of artisans, there is a special time for enjoying tea, known as 'Toki Wasure’, which translates to 'time forgotten’. To enhance these beautiful moments, a teapot called 'TOKI,' crafted in the Tokoname-yaki style, was created.

Tokoname-yaki is a traditional Japanese pottery, recognized as one of Japan's six ancient kilns. It's famous for producing the most and the highest quality pottery in Japan. This teapot is more than just a tea vessel. It brings 'time' to daily life, which means moments of comfort and special experiences. It's an artistic masterpiece.

One of the unique features of Tokoname-yaki teapots is the 'lid grinding' technique. Artisans meticulously polish the lid multiple times to ensure it fits the teapot perfectly. This gapless lid increases the teapot's airtightness, allowing the tea leaves to steep effectively. As a result, it maintains the water temperature for a longer time, enabling the brewing of a more flavorful tea. This attention to detail creates the exceptional quality of Tokoname-yaki teapots, enriching the tea experience.

Tokoname: A traditional pottery town in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, famous for its production of teaware.



Body: Clay

100 ml
Smaller  teacups: 1 cup
Large teacups: 2 cups

Handling & Maintenance
・For regular cleaning, please use only water without detergent. This is to avoid leaving any detergent scent in the teapot.
・Make sure the teapot, especially the tea strainer, is thoroughly dried to prevent water accumulation.
・If tea stains are difficult to remove, soak the teapot overnight in a 1% solution of kitchen bleach. Then, rinse it well with boiling water.
JINSUI 'TOKI' / Tokoname Artisan Teapot
JINSUI 'TOKI' / Tokoname Artisan Teapot Sale price¥8,800

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常滑焼急須 | JINSUI "TOKI"

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