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Extra-thin chopsticks (sesame bamboo)

Sale price$13.00

Thin chopsticks that can pick up the delicate bones of river fish and small grains like sesame seeds one by one.

The tip is shaved to a mere 1.2mm, but the strong flexibility of bamboo makes it hard to break and can be used for a long time even in daily use. The graceful shape makes the work of the user look beautiful.

Material Sesame Bamboo Dimensions Length 22.5cm
Thickness Tip 1.2mm / Handle about 6mm
Packaging PP bag (sesame bamboo)

* If you soak it in water for a long time, it may cause deformation or mold.
*Please note that the dishwasher and dryer cannot be used.
* Due to the use of natural materials, the texture may differ slightly. Please note.

Extra-thin chopsticks (sesame bamboo)
Extra-thin chopsticks (sesame bamboo) Sale price$13.00