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Tsujiki Asahi (Single Origin Matcha 20g)

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Tsujiki Asahi (Single Origin Matcha 20g)

Tsujiki has won the Prime Minister's Award, the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister's Award, and the gold medal in the matcha category of "Japanese Tea Selection Paris" held in Paris, France this year. It is a tea garden of matcha.

Among them, this time we have prepared the highest grade "Asahi" with a single origin.

"Asahi" is characterized by a very elegant fragrance, rich umami and sweet taste.
It is a very rare breed in terms of production volume because it is difficult to produce high quality due to the short harvesting period.

You did a really great job this time as well.

Matcha is like a work of art in terms of color, aroma, and taste.

Mr. Kiyoji Tsuji is a leading producer in the industry, and the owner of YUGEN has great respect for him.

Please take this opportunity to try the highest level of matcha in Japan.

Category : Koicha
Production area: Uji
Variety: Asahi
Tea season : first tea
Picking method: 100% hand-picked green tea