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YUGEN are wholesalers of Japanese tea and tea-tools for business and corporations customers.

We respond to various consumers' needs, from offering products for cafe style shops, confectionery shops, private brand shops, restaurants, hotels, retail shops selling lifestyle goods, events and gifts to planning tea experience businesses and tea in the office.

We can be a special partner who introduces delicious tea grown with great care and love by passionate farmers.

If you are planning to add original tea to your menu or offer tea in your new business, we can support you with training on how to use the tools and operation.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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Matcha#0 | 500gMatcha#0 | 500g
Matcha#0 | 500g Sale price€48,95
0.5 | 500g (17.6oz)0.5 | 500g (17.6oz)
0.5 | 500g (17.6oz) Sale price€66,95
Matcha#1 | 500gMatcha#1 | 500g
Matcha#1 | 500g Sale price€84,95
Matcha#1.5 | 500gMatcha#1.5 | 500g
Matcha#1.5 | 500g Sale price€126,95
Matcha#2 | 500gMatcha#2 | 500g
Matcha#2 | 500g Sale price€168,95
Matcha#3 | 500gMatcha#3 | 500g
Matcha#3 | 500g Sale price€357,95
Okumidori | 500gOkumidori | 500g
Okumidori | 500g Sale price€42,95
Hojicha Powder | 500gHojicha Powder | 500g
Hojicha Powder | 500g Sale price€26,95