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KYU-SU (tea pot) / Yumiko Iihoshi / L / Kuro (black)

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kyu-su (bkack) L size designed by Yumiko Iihoshi.

I wanted to make a teapot that wouldn't look out of place even in the kitchen.

The main body, lid, handle, spout, and other parts are hand-ground on a potter's wheel and then connected. It is completed through the hands of craftsmen through several processes until completion. The lids are made by rubbing them one by one on the main body, so it fits perfectly and feels good.

The fine-grained base material is used and baked without glaze, so the scent of tea does not stick to it, and you can enjoy the scent of each tea. Please have a cup of delicious tea.

A teapot with an impressive clean form that cannot be seen anywhere else. It has a smooth spout and does not retain its scent, so it can be used for various types of tea.

The L size can hold about 3 small scoops of tea.

You can enjoy it with 2 to 3 people, such as for family and visitors.

Capacity 350ml

Size ・w102(with handle 158)mm x h71mm

KYU-SU (tea pot) / Yumiko Iihoshi / L / Kuro (black)
KYU-SU (tea pot) / Yumiko Iihoshi / L / Kuro (black) Sale price$57.00