1616 / arita japan

TY "Standard" Square Plate 130


TY "Standard" Square Plate 130

With the opening of the Milano Salone, the Arita porcelain trading company Momota Touen, which has been praised not only in Japan but also overseas, and designer Teruhiro Yanagihara tried a design approach that is different from the previous Arita porcelain while following the tradition. the work.

Using new materials that explore the possibilities of ceramics, the design is contemporary and modern while following traditional techniques.
The original whiteness of porcelain made from high-quality magnets mined in Arita, Saga Prefecture, and the well-calculated neat form make you feel beautiful just by placing it.
The thin, light, distortion-free and neat form makes it possible to see the high level of technology when stacked.

[1616 / arita japan] TY "Standard" Square Plate 130


Microwave / Dishwasher ○
Oven/IH/direct fire/freezer ×

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