Okumidori | 500g(17.6oz)


Okumidori (Single origin matcha)

Wholesale 500g

A single-origin Okumidori who grew up in Wazuka, Kyoto. The price is friendly, but the color is vivid and the balance between matcha's umami and slight bitterness makes it a popular matcha for everyday use.

* Not only is it suitable for making thin noodles, but it is also suitable for making iced tea.
It has just the right amount of flavor and can be enjoyed in any season.
As a raw material for matcha sweets, it has excellent color and fragrance.

*Ousu: Matcha that is lightly brewed with a smaller amount of matcha compared to koicha.

*Thin green tea, characterized by its mellow umami and slightly gentle astringency.

Classification: Thin tea Producing area: Kyoto Wazuka Picking method: Tencha with scissors 100%
Variety: Okumidori

We recommend storing Japanese green tea in a cool, dark place. Avoid places with high humidity, strong light, and strong odors.

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