Brewing Kit (Katakuchi) Black


Matcha Brewing Kit (Katakuchi) Black

・Matcha bowl

It will be a YUGEN original matcha bowl.
We asked Mr. Kei Sato, an artist in Mashiko, Tochigi Prefecture, where pottery has been popular since the Edo period, to make each piece by hand.

When I made this kit, it was actually this vessel that I had the most trouble with. At the same time that it is becoming less and less enjoyable to make matcha, it is also becoming less common for pottery artists to make matcha tea bowls. It has been said that it is difficult as a creator because it becomes. At that time, I met Mr. Sato.

I was nervous when we first spoke. (Laughs) Even though I unilaterally conveyed my personal feelings about tea, he said he would support me, and I remember my heart getting hot.
At YUGEN, we make matcha every day, so it goes without saying that it's easy to use, but it's also a simple yet elegant design that colors your daily life. I was.

・The size and shape make it easy for people with small hands to hold (approximately 12.5 cm in diameter)
・Designed a curved bottom to make matcha easy to stand ・Adjustment of the surface texture so that the chasen does not get damaged ・Height and curve so that it does not rebound even if you make matcha vigorously ・Amount of glaze ・Good drainage of Katakuchi

*Since everything is made by hand, the expression of each vessel is slightly different. We hope that you will enjoy the unique expression of each world.

・Chasen and chashaku Chasen and chashaku made in Takayama, Nara Prefecture, are traditional crafts that have been around since the Muromachi period, about 500 years ago. All processes are carefully handcrafted one by one by craftsmen with traditional techniques, resulting in a beautiful chasen. There are said to be about 15 tea whisk craftsmen in Japan today, and the highly skilled Takayama tea whisk bends very well, making it an excellent tool for making matcha with a fine and smooth texture. It is carefully made so that it can be used for a long time.

The black bamboo is a little different, and it is a type of chasen called "Shin". It is characterized by an egg-shaped curve, and not only the tip but also the entire tip is shaved, and it is said that it is elastic and pliable because it is finished thin overall.

The chashaku is made from soot bamboo.
* Susutake is the bamboo that was used in the attic and ceiling when dismantling old Japanese houses with thatched roofs. Over 150 years, it is smoked by the smoke from the irori hearth and is characterized by a unique brownish or amber discoloration. The part of the bamboo that is wrapped and not directly hit by the smoke has a light discoloration, and it is characterized by the beautiful expression of the shades of each bamboo.

・Matcha for customers who have purchased this Kit We want you to know the real thing, so it is also used at tea ceremonies. We present #1 matcha.

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