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Carefully hand-picked from tea leaves, you can savor the graceful and profound sweetness, along with a gentle fragrance. When you take a sip, you can truly taste the authentic flavor of matcha with very little bitterness.

Recommended for those who seek a special cup characterized by a delightful aroma and smooth taste.

Classification:Koi-cha(thick Matcha)
Origin:Kyoto , Japan
Picking Method:Hand-picked
Varieties: Asahi, Samidori
Quality:first flush tea (high grade)


*Ko-cha: Matcha prepared with a larger amount of powdered tea and kneaded.

We recommend storing Japanese green tea in a cool, dark place. Avoid places with high humidity, strong light, and strong odors.


MATCHA #2|YUGEN original blend 30g
MATCHA #2|YUGEN original blend 30g Sale price$17.00