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It has a pleasant combination of matcha's natural richness and a subtle hint of bitterness, making it a popular choice for everyday matcha drinks.

Additionally, it is a usucya(light tea) with a mellow umami and gentle astringency as its distinctive features. Its flavor, enjoyable in any season, has received high praise.

Furthermore, this blend is ideal as an ingredient for matcha sweets. Its color and fragrance are excellent, earning strong trust from numerous patissiers as a premium matcha sweet ingredient.

Classification:Usucha(Light Matcha)
Origin:Kyoto , Japan
Picking Method:100% hand-cut tencha tea
Varieties: Gokou, Komakage, Yabukita, Saemidori, Okumidori
quality:first flush tea (high grade)


Ousu matcha: Matcha brewed with a small amount of tea powder, resulting in a milder flavor.

We recommend storing Japanese green tea in a cool, dark place. Avoid places with high humidity, strong light, and strong odors.


MATCHA #0|YUGEN original blend 30g
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