Matcha MATCHA #3|YUGEN original blend 30g



The highest quality matcha that stimulates the five senses. It is excellent in umami, covering aroma, and ground color.

Because we use the highest grade tea leaves with high scarcity value that are carefully selected and hand-picked one by one, you can enjoy an elegant taste and a rich aftertaste without feeling astringency.

The first thing that catches your eye is the beautiful bright colors when you turn it on. *You can also enjoy it as a thick tea.

A blend with a very strong umami, mellow and soft mouthfeel, and a full-bodied aroma.
For those who want to enjoy the best time.

* Koicha: Matcha that is kneaded with a larger amount of matcha compared to usucha.

Classification: Koicha Producing area: Kyoto Prefecture Plucking method: Hand-picked Varieties: Asahi, Samidori

We recommend storing Japanese green tea in a cool, dark place. Avoid places with high humidity, strong light, and strong odors.

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