Matcha MATCHA #2|YUGEN original blend 30g



A high-class blend for strong tea with excellent umami, sweetness, and aroma.
You can enjoy the elegant deep sweetness and mellow aroma of carefully hand-picked tea leaves.
As soon as you put it in your mouth, you can feel the original taste of matcha, and it is a blend with almost no astringency.

For those who want to enjoy a special cup with a rich aroma and mellow taste.

* Koicha: Matcha that is kneaded with a larger amount of matcha compared to usucha.

Classification: Koicha Producing area: Kyoto Prefecture Plucking method: Hand-picked Varieties: Asahi, Samidori

We recommend storing Japanese green tea in a cool, dark place. Avoid places with high humidity, strong light, and strong odors.

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